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Planning, building, and amplifying the work of community change makers

  • Do you need additional capacity to manage a project or operationalize and execute new programs, strategies, and initiatives?
  • Does your team need an extra hand during a period of surge activity or change? 
  • Have you ever wished for a confidential thought-partner to think through strategic issues and leadership challenges?
  • Are there challenges you could solve if you had more efficient systems and processes?
  • Would you like Director or C-level support but can’t commit to an internal or long-term hire?

What could you accomplish if you could close the gap between strategy and results?

As your fractional chief of staff or special projects consultant, I'm here to bridge the gap between strategy and execution. My unique strengths, broad experience, and extensive network of experts from diverse specialties and industry backgrounds enable me to transform your vision into reality.

I'm deeply passionate about supporting visionary, mission-driven leaders and entrepreneurs. With impact across a myriad of sectors, including education social impact, nonprofit, and workforce development, I offer strategic capacity and tailored support for short and long-term initiatives and projects. My approach blends high-level strategic thinking with hands-on tactical support to address your organization's most pressing challenges.

Whether you are navigating organizational growth, experiencing rapid scaling, or going through significant changes, I am here for you, as an advisor and a behind-the-scenes capacity-builder, allowing you to focus on what truly matters to you, your organization, and its stakeholders.

How I Can Help Your Organization

Your Organization's Impact:

Fully Capitalize on Your Organization's Potential

Sample Projects Include:

• Performance Monitoring
• Operations Management
• Process Design & Improvement
• Policy/Procedure Review & Development
• Landscape/Competitive Analysis
• Strategic Planning
• Organizational & Programmatic Assessments
• Data Analysis & Reporting

the Strategy/Execution Gap:

Add Capacity to Support a New Project or Bring a Big Idea to Life

Sample Projects Include:

• Project Management
• Fractional Chief of Staff or COO Support
• Strategic Planning
• Action Planning
• Federal/Philanthropic Grant Writing and Management
• Special Project/Initiative Support
• Growth & Staffing Plans
• Customized Program Development

Your Effectiveness:

Customized Solutions for Busy Leaders

Sample Projects Include:

• Executive Office Support
• Strategic Advising
• Governance/Board Advising & Support
• Special Project/Initiative Support
• Talent Sourcing/Selection Support
• Charter School Renewal Support
• Strategic Communications/Change Management
• Compensation Equity Review

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